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08 Nov 2013

Bonnie died Oct. 28, and the wake was held Oct. 30, Us Weekly reports. She had appeared once on an episode of Kourtney & Kim Take New York in 2011.

Kim Kardashian Stuns In Gorgeous Beachside Family Photo Shoot In Malibu

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05 Nov 2013

But it turned out just fine, as we saw back when Kim first made that appearance. She looked amazing! Meanwhile, Khloe Kardashian Odomspent some time with her Jenner siblings and Rob Kardashianas the family took a camping trip. But while Bruce Jenner had a quiet fishing destination in mind, Khloe had another idea: Alien hunting near Area 51! The gang rode off to Nevada in a camper, stopping for photo ops along the way and even running into a self-described alien abductee by the name of Travis Walton.

Kendall Jenner turns 18, is offered millions for sex...

05 Nov 2013

Getty The reprehensible Richie wasted no time in his attempt to get the dirt from Ray J, bringing up the sex tape within minutes of the interview startinggoading the 32-year-old into talking about the subject. Richie, who is not usually known for his strong sense of injustice, went in for the kill, telling Ray J it seems unfair Kardashian made five million dollars out the gate from the sex tape and you made nothing.and, to me that seems wrong. Brandon Davis Pulled A Ray J On Kim Kardashian Year Before Her Sex Tape Seems wrong because youre doing all the hard work Ray, Richie says. Man, I dont even discuss that cos theres so much happening with that and were so far past that where were both doing really well, were...

02 Nov 2013

Doch wahrend Fragen wie "Wo wird die Hochzeit stattfinden?" oder "Wer wird auf der Gasteliste stehen?" noch unbeantwortet in der Luft schweben, scheint zumindest eine Sache schon geklart zu sein: Die Frage nach dem Kleid. Zwar steht langst noch nicht fest, welchen Designer Kim fur den schonsten Tag ihres Lebens beauftragen wird, doch ihre kurzlichen Auftritte lassen immerhin die gewunschte Farbe des Kleides vermuten. Seitdem Kanye vor ihr auf die Knie gegangen ist, hullt die Reality-Ikone sich namlich vermehrt in strahlendes Wei. Sei es bei der Feier ihres Geburtstages oder bei einem Auftritt in Jay Lenos (63) Tonight Show: Die unschuldigste aller Farben scheint es Kim neuerdings angetan...

31 Oct 2013

And rumor has it that while Kardashian does have a small say in the wedding plans, she is letting Kanye West take charge, because again, shes done this all before twice. So, what is West planning? Kanye wants the wedding to take place in Paris and has even indicated that he is willing to fly over Kims family on his dime, the source went on to reveal, adding that West will also likely pick out Kardashians gown, because he has the better fashion sense! Sounds like were in for another wedding royale, huh? Kanye has also said recently that if offered enough, the pair would likely agree to have the wedding televised. What do you think about Kanye West planning the wedding?

30 Oct 2013

The world is controversial. The world is classist. The world is racist. The admiration is mutual. Earlier this year, Tyler gave Ye original art he created while in Australia. Before that, Tyler openly admitted to being a fan of Ye and wanting to create just like him .

Im the No. 1 inspirational person in fashion. 4 In music I talk a lot of stuff. But Ill never get up here and say, Im the best musician or the best rapper of all-time. 5 I love the Backstreet Boys no knock to them but there will never be another Backstreet Boys." 6 "I didnt have a phone for three years. When I got my phone is when I saw...

21 Oct 2013

The 29-year-old reality star posted the below photo on her Instagram account , reading, "You get what you f**king give." Kardashian has been struggling the last few months after rumors about Odom's alleged drug use surfaced over the summer. According to TMZ, Kardashian is considering divorce , but is afraid that the split with push Odom over the edge. Sources close to the pair say she thinks divorce is "inevitable," but isn't ready to file papers. Despite her personal struggles though, Kardashian seems to be in good spirits and has been motivating herself to work through her frustrations. "Sweat it out!!


18 Oct 2013

Muy digna ella, recien parida (North West tiene 4 meses de nacida) y ya anda mostrando su recuperada figura en redes sociales y uno haciendo 700 push-ups y nada pero ella muy divina publica la foto mas sexy que ha publicado en la vida. encima le pone un #SinFiltro en los comentarios, tienes idea de todo el photoshop tendria que usar yo? En menos de cinco horas unas 400 mil personas le dieron like a la imagen. En medio de muchos mensajes de felicitaciones, hubo uno que se destaco por encima de todos.

The 32-year-old reality star made headlines that day after she posted a racy selfie photo on her Instagram that night before, which led her...

10 Oct 2013

He wants to keep her all to himself and her family, he doesnt think anyone else deserves to see her, but things are slowly changing, the source said. Kim is the one that wants to share every single thing Nori does with the whole world. She loves when people gush over her daughter and talk about how cute she is. Its a huge sense of accomplishment for her and she doesnt want to give that up. The source said the new parents have come to a compromise about handling the press around their daughter. Kim is ok with just sharing pictures for now, but she is really anxious for people to see her interacting with her daughter.

09 Oct 2013

You may remember that sex tape, which was filmed in 2003 and released in 2007, for being definitive proof that Ray J once had sex with Kim Kardashian. In case you had forgotten that Ray J and Kim Kardashian have had sex, Ray J is releasing a new single to iTunes next week titled "I Hit it First." It's a not-so-sly shot at Kanye West, who is expecting a baby girl with Kardashian later this year. Ray J really wants you to remember that he once had sex with Kim Kardashian, even before Kanye West. Applaud this man! Of course, the sad irony for Ray J is that the sex tape only launched one career. Kardashian has gone on to build a powerhouse brand last year Forbes ranked her at No.